Friday, December 3, 2010

"Trusted traveler" program? Nein, bitte

On Wednesday, the US Travel Association naively announced this week its suggestion for a "trusted traveler" program to ease the the restive populace's outrage of TSA airport security Sicherheit procedures.  Here's the laughable news release:

“There is a shared sense of a better, smarter way to make the air travel security system more secure and efficient for travelers,” said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. “We believe a trusted traveler program should be the centerpiece of an enhanced air travel security process.”
In such a program, travelers who voluntarily share biometric and biographical information, pass robust background checks to confirm their “low-risk” nature and are verified by TSA at the time of travel would be allowed to pass through an alternative security process. Such a program would enable the shift of security resources from a large pool of “low-risk” travelers to allow a more sustained focus on a smaller pool of travelers who are not pre-screened to determine their level of risk.
Note that Mr. Dow agrees in the State's need for "enhanced air travel security."  He doesn not question the premise of the gathering Security State.  His trade association members do not dare to intersede on behalf of their customers and "the public."

The TSA, said, "Nein, bitte," according to MSNBC:
The TSA has already conducted a pilot study for a trusted traveler program, said spokesman Greg Soule. He said the agency plans to remain focused on the new scanners.

So sorry, Herr Dow.  Vis program vill not vork.  You see, ve are already enhanced Sicherheit program in ze bus depotz und tranzit stations stepping up.  Gruppenführer Pistole haz even greater planz ahead.

The US Travel Association has many surface transportion members, including the AAA (a State accomplice since its earliest days), bus lines, and railways.  As few years from now, look for this Washington-cossetted trade group to meekly suggest to the United State [sic] of Amerika a "trusted driver" program so as to expedite truckers and a few lucky commuters to get through TSA highway checkpoints.

[Photo of a entrance to Warsaw ghetto at Nalewki Street checkpoint:]

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