Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TheHood puts a horse's head in Florida guv-elect's bed

As he did in Wisconsin to shame Governor-elect Scott Walker, TheHood sends a message to high-speed-rail reluctant Governor-elect Rick Scott.  A columnist at Cleantechnica cheers on the US DOT capo:
Basically, in response to Scott's hesitations, U.S. secretary of transportation Ray LaHood wrote a guest article in the Orlando Sentinel last week.

LaHood makes it clear as day why a large and connected high-speed network is important for the U.S. Throughout the piece, he compares a national high-speed rail network to the interstate highway system. You would think everyone could come to the easy realization that the interstate required considerable initial investment but was worth that investment in the long term and that a potential national high-speed rail network is in the same position today. Of course, leaving Kasich, Walker (and, perhaps, Scott) aside, many state leaders get this.

"Since the president proposed his vision for high-speed rail last year, enthusiasm around the country has been overwhelming," LaHood writes. "To date, states have submitted applications for $64 billion - more than six times the amount of money available."
The only "easy realization," of course, is that spendthrift groupthink dominates in government and among the State-sycophants like Cleantechnica.

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