Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enviros out for Assange

At LewRockwell.com, Bill Anderson suggests the plausible:
[A] lot of people in power want to pay back Assange for his role in releasing the so-called Climategate emails. These emails detailed how “climate scientists” manipulated data, bullied those who disagreed with their “hockey stick” Algorean world temperature chart, and suppressed good science that contradicted their own work.
Even though the NY Times and other major news outlets ignored these emails (or claimed that they were nothing but irrelevant “noise” and not worth any public discussion), nonetheless the emails still were a blow to the outright authoritarian attempts by governments to further control people. A lot of people in power have been unhappy with Wikileaks for letting the truth spill out regarding “climate change,” and have looked for a way to go after those who have exposed the lies.

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