Friday, December 31, 2010

The Worst (Most Politically Correct) US Car Ads of the Year 2010: Runner-up #3: Chevy Volt "Anthem"

Stop Road Socialism kicks off its 2010 awards with a series featuring the Worst (Most Politically Correct) U.S. Car Ads of the Year 2010.  This is runner-up number three: a television spot from Chevrolet which is more agitprop than car commercial.

"Home of ...spontaneous acts of freedom"?  Government bailouts, government-forced screwing of bondholders, and green tech subsidies hardly qualify as acts of freedom.  We're now not so much "wanderers, wayfarers, even nomads" -- we're slaves to Leviathan.  But State-lovin' George Clooney's voiceover does help us to make-believe about our lost freedoms.

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