Friday, December 3, 2010

A new commodity to watch for amidst the collapsing UK economy: road grit

From the BBC, in the snow-pummeled UK:
A councillor has condemned the "outrageous theft" of road salt and grit by a gang who robbed a depot.
"It is amazing how selfish some people are," said Oldham Councillor John McCann, Cabinet Member for Environment.
A gang of 10 men arrived at the council depot claiming to be sub-contractors but threatened a council workmen who challenged them.
Greater Manchester Police studying camera footage of the raid and are trying to trace the gang's vehicles.
Equipped with a mechanical loading shovel, the gang who had arrived [in] a Range Rover, a truck and a van, loaded the salt before fleeing the depot despite an attempt to block them by a council staff member.
"This is an outrageous incident and a theft of vital stocks that are used to keep ordinary citizens safe on the roads," said Mr McCann.


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