Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NYC snow job VI: City apparatchiks get their streets plowed first

From the Daily News today:
Better to live next-door to Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty than right around the corner.
The Staten Island street outside Doherty's home was plowed clean on Tuesday - but the dead-end streets on either side of his block remained a snow-choked winter blunderland.
There was similarly smooth sailing across the upper East Side, home to Mayor Bloomberg and Cathie Black, the mayor's choice for schools chancellor.
No surprise there, snow-weary New Yorkers say.
Cabbie Edward Fernandez, the front of his taxi torn off by a Greenwich Village snowbank, wasn't exactly shocked by the disparity in the wake of the 20-inch blizzard.
"If you go uptown, the upper East Side, Madison Ave., it's okay," Fernandez said. "When you come down here, forget about it. It's a madhouse. The snow destroyed my car."

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