Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mainstream Media "oozing with oil disinformation"

Giordano Bruno (a.k.a. Brandon Smith) writes an important article on the "Oil Juggernaut Unleashed":
Extreme oil prices pummel more than just our wallets; they also strike our cultural psyche. Those people who found a way to ignore the signs of economic collapse until now will discover that they cannot avoid the icy reality of the gas pump. When those digital dials spin past the $5 mark before pouring out even one gallon of unleaded, I suspect people will be generally pissed. This is why the establishment media is oozing with oil disinformation and demand rhetoric now. It is an attempt to “vaccinate” the masses against inflation in the future; to redirect their anger towards a false cause and effect scenario. It has long been my concern that the speculation induced gas spike of 2008 was, in fact, a deliberately engineered event; a staged price vault meant to condition Americans to passively tolerate the very real dollar disintegration and hyperinflation which would eventually occur later down the road. When crude prices race towards $150 a barrel once again, does anyone really doubt that the MSM will bring up “speculators” as the villain? And, more importantly, does anyone doubt that the rest of the world will blame the actual trigger; the fading Greenback?
(Via ZeroHedge)

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