Monday, December 27, 2010

Surpressed UK government study: Health service urged to help with drivers license euthanasia

A UK government study -- which has not been made public -- reveals that old drivers are a major threat to road safety and urges health care professional (i.e. government factotums) to intervene, reports PressTV (the Iranian English-language service):
Based on the claims of road safety campaigners, the Department of Transport have not revealed the findings of the research according to which thousands of drivers in the UK are physically unfit to drive posing a danger on the lives of the people on the roads.

“Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals are failing to stop people driving when they are a danger to themselves and other road users, and the problem is growing because of the ageing population,” the researchers claim based on the study.

Health workers are supposed to advise their patients on their health conditions which should prevent them from driving. These government employees should also report to the Drive and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to notify them of any medically unfit driver endangering the road safety.

The research project, commissioned by the transport department from a team at Warwick University, reveals that three-fourth of the unfit drivers are not prevented from driving, posing a great danger on the lives of other motorists on the road.

"With our ageing population and increase in diabetes, this problem can be expected to worsen," Amy Aeron-Thomas, the executive director to Roadpeace, a charity campaigning in behalf of road crash victims, said.

"We call on the government to remember that impairment is not restricted to drink or drugs."

It was less than two years ago that another study by the Institute of Advanced Motorists found older driver in the UK to be safe drivers, who "self-regulate themselves as they realize their abilities are weakening."  IAM issued a similar study at the beginning of this year, with teh Times transport correspondent saying that its data "explodes the myth that older drivers are the real road menace."

The latest research findings are undoubtedly a potentially major embarrassment for the government.  Do they share information (whether accurate or arguable) on a subject of popular interest (road safety) and controversy (restricted licences for the elderly) which may alienate a high-turnout voting bloc?

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