Monday, December 20, 2010

GOP presidential wannabe embraces electric cars

Indiana governor Mitch Daniels is electrified at the prospect of Indiana-assembled EVs, according to UPI:
Indiana purchased 15 electrically-powered, zero-emission THINK City passenger vehicles Thursday that will be tested in state parks.
The vehicles designed in Scandinavia, were assembled at a THINK manufacturing plant in Elkhart, Ind., and are designed to fit into fleet vehicle sales, THINK Chief Executive Officer Barry Engle said.
"Our delivery today is part of a larger effort to help transform the U.S. light-duty vehicle fleet from one that is mostly dependent on imported oil to one that is fueled entirely by domestically produced electric energy," he said.
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said, "We're proud to be the first customer."
"We believe that the coming era of electric cars, like the THINK City, will find its home here in Indiana," he said.
The 15 THINK City vehicles will be used by Indiana's Department of Natural Resources. Indiana Department of Administration director Rob Wynkoop said the new cars represented, "an opportunity to test alternative energy vehicles in real-life situations."
More at THINK's official news release.

[Photo of THINK in Indianapolis, December 16, 2010:]

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