Friday, December 24, 2010

TheHood: Exegi aere monumentum perennius

Hitler dreamt that his Reichsautobahnen would rival the pyramids.

The USA's present-day Fritz Todt imagines a monument of similar grandeur.  In an op-ed piece posted in a Wisconsin business publication, TheHood takes a swipe at Wisconsin Governor-elect Walker of high-speed-rail-project-canceling fame, and then waxes about our chance to impress those yet to be born.
When we look to America's past, it can be easy to forget that America was never predestined to have the world's best highways. Progress only became possible because generations before us dreamed big and built big - because they imagined, invested and sacrificed for the infrastructure on which we rely to this day.
Like our parents and grandparents, we, too, must exercise the foresight and courage to invest in the most important infrastructure projects of our time. If we work together, a national high-speed-rail network can and will be our generation's legacy.
The honorable secretary need not worry about public works legacies for our children and children's children when the Federal Reserve, recent administrations (especially the one he is presently serving), and the recent Congresses (in which he once served) have worked so hard to bequeathed the most fitting monument to ourselves, a mountain of debt.

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