Thursday, December 30, 2010

German car-sharing pilot projects

AutoWeek reports:
Two European luxury brands are tiptoeing into car sharing, a radical move for carmakers whose business for the past 100 years has been selling to individuals.
German archrivals Daimler AG and BMW AG have launched sharing programs. The automakers say the move was prompted by changing attitudes about car ownership, especially among young buyers, and increased urban congestion.
Daimler 's Car2go program is running in Austin, Texas, and Ulm, Germany. BMW has launched a one-year car sharing pilot in Munich.
Is car sharing born of freely arrived at, changing social needs?  Or is it born of statist anti-car policies which make automobile ownership increasingly difficult for ideological reasons?

Is car sharing just another innovation on the theme of car rental?  Or is it the foot in the door for future "car socialism"?

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