Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bruce McCall: NYC streets for "almost every purpose except driving"

Op-art by Bruce McCall in the Gray Lady:
Those bike lanes eating up one or two traffic lanes were only a start: City crews are now out collecting overtime as they convert New York’s widest major thoroughfares into Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s dream of a vehicle-free paradise — and all for no more than the cost of a few thousand buckets of white paint!
Under the new system, sidewalk parking for all vehicles becomes not only mandatory but also illegal — a one-two punch expected to fatten the Department of Finance’s coffers by an estimated $13 million per day in added traffic summonses!
Cleared of all vehicular traffic, streets can now be sliced into seven lanes serving almost every purpose except driving.
Read here for a key to his seven lanes.

[Illustration: New York Times]

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