Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inflation: EPJ reader in auto parts biz reports

Robert Wenzel's continues to offer the best examples of current Fed-bred inflation.  Today a loyal reader of his in the car products business writes:
Indiana is considered a very low cost of living state, but prices here are dramatically going up. I am a business owner of a very small distributor of motor oil and other car related products. So I will give you the skinny of what is going on with my prices on the wholesale/retail level...

Just this year, here is how my pricing has gone up due to raw materials/shipping....

From Jan - July, my price on 4-1 gal jugs was $77.40 and case of quarts was $59.25. August to now, price is $79.40 and $60.75 for previous mentioned. ...

Here are some more examples of prices going up. Sausage dogs at a gas station in the area have gone up from $1.39 to $1.59. Beer prices on 18 packs of Miller Lite (what I buy) used to be $9.99 on sale, now $11.99 on sale.
Business people and realists are noticing now.  Boobus Americanus will start noticing before too much longer.  CNBC, WSJ, and the rest of the corrupt financial media will report on it seriously when it reaches warp speed and it's too late for the political class to figure it out.

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