Monday, December 6, 2010

Ostrowski: Privatize NY Thruway Authority regular contributor James Ostrowski posted last Friday after western New York was pounded by a snow storm:

Yesterday’s debacle proves that the NY Thruway Authority is incompetent. The truth is, government is inherently incompetent. It cannot be reformed. It cannot be fixed. It can only be shrunk and decentralized and marginalized until it is no longer the enormous daily nuisance it is today.
It’s time to abolish the Thruway Authority and sell it to the highest bidder.
Yesterday, the Thruway Authority, in conjunction with all other government agencies that arguably had jurisdiction or responsibility, allowed drivers and passengers stuck on the Thruway to sit and rot for over 24 hrs.
He made local Buffalo news afterwards:
Ostrowski says he saw very few pieces of equipment and only a couple of people helping out when he got to the Thruway, so more resources were needed. "I was up there in the middle of it all and saw the complete lack of concern. They looked at me like I could do something," noted Ostrowski.

Ostrowski says it's time to privatize the authority. "The market is responsive to consumer demand and the government is responsive to itself. You do not see businesses operated in a matter the Thruway Authority did and continue to attract consumers. They'd go out of business," says Ostrowski.

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