Monday, December 6, 2010

It's tough when you need to "educate" your customer...

When consumers see a product that instantly makes sense, they have no hesitation in becoming early-adopters.

But EVs do not make instant sense, as proven by a British car search website,
While manufacturers may be leading the charge when it comes to developing more-efficient electric and hybrid vehicles, a survey by a UK car search site has found the potential buyers of these cars may need more convincing.

A study of about 1000 car buying requests through UK car search site found that less than 1% of its users opt for hybrid or electric models. Furthermore, 41% of Britons prefer diesel power, while 23% of those surveyed opted for petrol.

Although marketing manager Carlo Walther acknowledges that manufacturers are investing heavily in new, more economical models, the buying public needs to be educated first, he said.

“The majority of car buyers do not want to be early adopters and may sit back to see how the market develops before jumping on the eco band wagon,” Walther said.
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