Monday, December 6, 2010

Turkish finalist in NYC's "Taxi of Tomorrow" spotlights "low-cost place to make cars"

The tale of Karsan, its V1taxi entry, and the little-appreciated strengths of Turkey as a car maker, courtesy of CNN:
"Having a vehicle designed and built in Turkey being used as a New York taxi would be a very strong branding opportunity for the Turkish automotive industry," said Jan Nahum, executive director of Karsan...
Turkey's prime role in the race to produce a new taxi might come as a surprise to New Yorkers, but the country is quietly becoming an automotive powerhouse. It's the 15th largest vehicle producer in the world, according to Invest in Turkey, producing around 900,000 vehicles a year.
"The Turkish automotive industry has grown a lot in the last 10 years because manufacturers in Western Europe have seen it as a low-cost place to make cars and ship them to the European Union," said David Leggett, an automotive industry analyst at just-auto.
And Turkey has no UAW.

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