Wednesday, December 1, 2010

EU: Let's regulate driving!

Never mind that monetary union and everything else connected with the statist EU experiment is proving to be a catastrophic failure, the Eurocrats continue to rearrange the Titanic's deck chairs.  This time it's regulating bad driving.  A summary from the BBC:

The EU plans to give police new powers to prosecute European drivers who break the law in another EU member state.
EU transport ministers will discuss a draft directive on Thursday which aims to set up an EU-wide database of vehicle registration details.
"A foreign driver is three times more likely to commit an offence than a resident driver," EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said.
Many drivers currently escape penalties when they return to their home country.
The draft directive from the Commission calls for cross-border enforcement to curb four "big killers", which account for 75% of road deaths: speeding; ignoring red lights; failure to wear a seatbelt and drink-driving.

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