Sunday, December 12, 2010

Penurious Albion

It's not just spoiled university students lately who are protesting against the UK government's austerity measures.  The transport welfare-queens are bitching too (reported by the Press Association):
Airports, roads and buses have got a poor deal from the Government's spending review, MPs were told...
Roads had "done extremely badly" in the spending review, the RAC Foundation told the MPs...
And a local authority transport chief said that Government spending cuts would have a "significant impact on bus services, particularly rural ones"...
Stephen Glaister of the RAC Foundation told MPs that road investment had "done extremely badly" in the autumn spending review.
George Batten, president of the Association of Local Authority Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport, told the committee that cuts to local authority budgets would lead to fewer transport projects.
He added that the "biggest casualty" would be bus services where cuts would have a "significant impact, particularly on rural bus services".

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