Sunday, December 12, 2010

New argument against public mass transit: Bad Feng Shui

Note to self: Remember this one for later use.

The Chinese community in Edmonton is opposing the proposed Light Rail Transit line because it's bad Feng Shui, reports the Edmonton Journal:
"It creates a sense of barrier, stopping energy from going to Chinatown," said Stephen Chan, a Feng Shui practitioner...
Chan said the proposed route, which sees the LRT running along 102nd Avenue through the China Gate, will put Edmonton's "Dragon Vein" into turmoil, and could throw the entire city's positive energy into a negative cycle. Chan said he knows some people do not believe in Feng Shui, but he asks people to be open-minded about the wisdom contained in the ancient practice.
He said the current plan is "really bad" Feng Shui

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