Monday, November 22, 2010

The potholes in road socialism begin to show: penurious UK public sector asks volunteers to do road gritting

Perhaps in some quarters -- dare we think it? -- private road maintenance (and ownership) might be within the mainstream of acceptable thought before the coming Great Collapse.  From the BBC:
Norfolk County Council is asking parish and town councils to take over the gritting of pavements this winter, possibly by using unpaid volunteers.
Under the plan, local authorities would also take responsibility for other aspects of road and path maintenance.
It has come after "extreme pressure" on spending and was in line with a scheme to make services more responsive to local needs, the county council said.
Grass and hedge cutting and the removal of fly-posters would also be delegated.
All tasks are currently carried out by the county council.
Graham Plant, cabinet member for travel and transport, said: "Parish and town councils can have more control over street scene services that have a real impact on the way their town or village looks.
"By taking responsibility for these tasks local communities will be able to set their own priorities and standards, even if that means using unpaid volunteers.
"I hope local people will then feel they have more of a stake in their own roads, paths and verges, and can respond quickly when needed - in wintry weather, for example, when the main road gritting services may be at full stretch."
How about volunteer asphalt patching in virtually bankrupt California next?!

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