Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mark Crovelli on some benefits of taxi deregulation (LRC) contributor Mark R. Crovelli has written a very good piece on some of the benefits of taxi deregulation:
Examples of how the economy would improve by getting these intellectual and political parasites off the average man’s back are almost infinite, but one example in particular is so blatantly obvious that even people from Princeton ought to be able to grasp it. This would be to get government completely out of the business of regulating who may or may not be a taxi driver. Getting government out of the business of regulating taxis might appear to be such an insignificant alteration in the economy that it is not even worth thinking about, but its effects would actually be profound. Indeed, the two main effects of this simple change would be to drastically reduce drunk driving and put enormous amounts of people to productive work in the economy.
Read his entire piece, "How to Reduce Unemployment and Drunk Driving in One Fell Swoop."

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