Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Indiana toll road chief charged with felony theft

Public toll roads or tolls run by "public-private partnerships" create an illusion of efficiency in the provision of a socialized public service.  But the reality is that the administration of public tollways is often more corrupt than the administration of ordinary public (socialist) roads, from toll collectors' patronage jobs to politically gained public contracts.

Here is another example from the Associated Press today:
The former commander of the Indiana State Police Toll Road post has been arrested on 17 felony charges, including 10 counts of theft, six counts of forgery and one count of official misconduct.

Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill Jr. says Dallard Tackett is accused of stealing more than $90,000 in state police funds for his own use during a three-year period. Tackett resigned in August after being questioned about money that he was supposed to send to Indianapolis.

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