Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quotation for the day: Fidel Castro

Proving that even totalitarian dictators are sometimes right (even if for the wrong reasons):
Foodstuffs are transformed into fuels to make viable the irrationality of a civilization that, to sustain the wealth and privilege of a few, is brutally assaulting the environment and the ecologic conditions which made it possible for life to appear on Earth.

Transforming food into fuels is a monstrosity...

The proposal of agrifuels is unviable, and it is ethically and politically unacceptable.  But it is not enough just to reject it. It is necessary to implement a new energy revolution, but one that is at the service of the people and not at the service of the monopolies and imperialism.
Fidel Castro Ruz (summarizing Atilio Borón), "The Debate Heats Up" (English version), Reflexiones del Comandante en Jefe,  9 May 2007; text of full essay here.

[Photo: Reuters]

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