Friday, January 7, 2011

Public outrage over DC Metro random searches

The public in the District of Columbia -- drones of the Federal government and those honestly employed alike -- are expressing outrage at random searches of passengers' bag in the Washington Metro system.  The regime enabler Washington Post actually sets aside regurgitating State propaganda for a moment to report some legitimate news:

Members of the public spoke out against Metro's decision to start random bag inspections, with speaker after speaker condemning the initiative at a meeting held by the Metro Riders' Advisory Council on Monday evening.
In a string of one-minute statements in the public comment period of the Riders' Advisory Council (RAC) meeting, virtually every speaker called the searches unconstitutional, invasive and ineffective - arguing they could create a false sense of security and aid terrorists. Speakers urged Metro to halt the practice.
"I'd like to ask Metro to please stop wasting our time and money," Andy Hunt said, adding that Metro has hurt more people in accidents than any terrorist. "If he wants to hurt us, he's gonna hurt us."
Dozens of other speakers agreed, castigating the searches as "security theater" that is more likely to heighten fear than safety and rejecting Metro's position that the searches will deter attackers.
Becky Akers' post at on this is here.

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