Friday, January 14, 2011

Maybe Boobus Americanus will start paying attention?

Reuters today ("Rising gasoline prices sour U.S. consumer mood") reports that the citizens of Weimar Amerika are growing restless, and may not be in a mood to be consoled by their latest iGadgets, "reality" TV shows, and politicians' and CNBC talking-heads' soothing words:
Rising gasoline prices beat down U.S. consumer sentiment in early January, overshadowing an improved job outlook and passage of temporary federal tax breaks, a survey released on Friday showed.
A year-end surge in gasoline prices ratcheted up consumer inflation expectations to their highest in more than two years, according to the latest data from Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan.
The surveys' preliminary January reading on the overall consumer sentiment slipped to 72.7, below 74.5 in December. It fell short of a 75.4 reading predicted by economists polled recently by Reuters.

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