Friday, January 14, 2011

Fuggitaboutit: New Jersey legislation requiring bicycle license plates is pulled

A Garden State solon withdrew a ridiculous legislative proposal, according to the Star-Ledger:
Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker on Thursday slammed the brakes on a much-maligned proposal to require bicycles be registered with the Motor Vehicle Commission at up to $10 a pop, and to force them to sport license plates.
Tucker (D-Essex) quickly withdrew the bill, which would have fined those without plates up to $100, and switched gears to focus on elderly pedestrian safety. She had introduced the bill after receiving complaints from senior citizens who had been hit by kids riding bikes.
"My intention was never to impose a burden or additional costs. My goal was to at least begin a discussion of how best to protect elderly pedestrians," said Tucker. "No idea is perfect, but protecting elderly pedestrians deserves attention. I would encourage everyone to give thought to how best we can protect elderly pedestrians and suggest solution."
No idea is perfect?  Some ideas are moronically imperfect.


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