Saturday, January 8, 2011

NYC snow job XII: Bloomberg's approval drops

The Marist Poll records New Yorkers thinking about the Mayor after the Christmas weekend snow plowing fiasco:
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a lot of heat over how the city handled the December 26th blizzard, and his approval rating reflects the firestorm of controversy.  In fact, Bloomberg’s approval rating is at its lowest point — 37% — since taking office.  Included here are 11% who say he is doing an excellent job in office and 26% who report he is doing a good one.  34% rate his performance as fair while 26% believe he is doing a poor job.  Only 3% are unsure.

Key Findings:
  • When it comes to how Bloomberg handled the snow removal from the recent storm, 21% of adults in New York City approve while more than seven in ten — 71% — disapprove.  Just 7% are unsure.  Regardless of borough, residents are displeased with Bloomberg’s handling of the situation.  Residents in Brooklyn (78%) and in Queens and Staten Island (71%) are most dissatisfied.  69% in the Bronx and 63% in Manhattan are also unhappy with the mayor’s performance during and after the blizzard.
  • The New York City Department of Sanitation does not fare better.  21% of city residents approve of how the DSNY handled the snow removal while 72% disapprove.  Seven percent are unsure.  Again, disapproval spans borough boundaries.  More adults residing in Brooklyn (77%) and in Queens and Staten Island (72%) feel this way compared with those in the Bronx (69%) and Manhattan (68%).

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