Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NY state lawmaker: criminalize "distracted" pedestrian street crossing

In yet another demonstration of the absurdity which passes from seriousness in American political life, New York state Sen. Karl Kruger (following an Arkansan solon) proposes fining pedestrians who cross the street while distracted by mp3 player or cel phone. WCBS-TV reports:

“We have people who are literally dying in the street,” Kruger said.
Dying, Kruger said, not because they are distracted drivers but because they are distracted walkers...
Some said they object to the move as an intrusion by government into the everyday lives of people — the nanny state syndrome.
“When people are doing things that are detrimental to their own well being, then government should step in,” Kruger said.
The fine for violating the law would be $100, which supporters hope will be enough to stem what they think is a disturbing trend — a slight increase in fatalities.
Senator Kruger must be making US DOT capo Raymond TheHood very proud.

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