Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hassett: Public transportation strikes may be coming to US soon

Kevin Hassett editorializes about Euro-style public employee union slowdowns and strikes becoming the norm in the US as the American public sector gets squeezed:
Europeans have grown accustomed to seeing government workers shut down their countries when provoked...

Americans better get used to this treatment...
Even if the accusations of a work slowdown are accurate, it’s unlikely anyone will lose their job in the New York City snow debacle. The same will be true around the country. Government workers can be ineffective and unproductive with impunity.
So, here’s one vision for 2011 in the U.S.: subways slower, lines at airports longer, trash and snow piling up in the streets, visas and other government documents processed less quickly. But no Europe-style riots in the streets -- unless fed- up taxpayers are the ones who start them.
Read his Bloomberg column here.

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